(2020)I had a pet bird that would sit on my shoulder. I considered our relationship a friendship, but I will never know if it actually was. I have no clue how birds experience the world and therefore tend to project my thoughts, values and morals onto animals. This physical touch is to me a sign of friendship, I assume my bird must have felt the same. The tendency to project thoughts and feelings onto other living beings is what this project touches upon. With this work I question to what extent we can form a connection with other animals that is mutually beneficial and free of harm.


The film is only a snippet of the whole story, which is about June, a 5 year old human child who has a great interest in nature and it's creatures. When playin garound a pond he swallos a tadpole out of curiosity. He believes this will turn him into a frog. Soon, the excitement of turning into a frog is replaced by a feeling of guilt and anxiety.


Film directed by Femke Janssen, animation by Femke Janssen, Khaled Qaderi and Valentijn Vonk. Background design by Chiara di Marzio and Nicole Lewis. Sound design by Jamie Machul. Music by Gregory Kasanbesari.


The animation was done in TvPaint, AfterEffects and Autodesk Maya.